About InterKis

Who we are?

Kisbu Group, which has been trading more than 100 products in export and import issues in more than 70 countries since 1958, started its activities in the state of Pennsylvania in January 2020 with the Kisbu LLC company in order to increase its activities in the region and to become one of the leaders in the market, with the increasing demands in North America.

Kisbu LLC, which entered the North American market with its raw material, home improvement and home decor product groups, increased its activities in Canada and Mexico towards the end of 2020 with its rapid growth. With its new collaborations and fast-growing structure, it started online trade activities in 2021, accelerating its growth with the world's largest platforms.

About InterKis

Kisbu LLC laid the foundations of InterKis.com infrastructure in 2021 and set out to develop a new online service concept all over the world, especially in North America.

InterKis.com offers all business solutions together with its easy and secure interface, fast transactions and reasonable prices.

InterKis.com, whose priority is customer satisfaction, aims to develop long-term cooperation with its partners by pioneering quality and satisfaction.


InterKis supports the growth of companies by providing online, easy, high quality and affordable prices with every service that businesses will need in the world.


By meeting all the needs of businesses, we will offer all services to our partners in the easiest way possible.

By growing together, we will give the world a new direction with kindness.