Easy, fast and low-cost solutions for small, medium-sized and global companies.

Interkis offers an easy-to-use website for everyone. As a global company, we keep all details as easy to understand and simple as possible.

  • Professional

    InterKis provides the customers the most professional service with our highly experienced, qualified workforce and 65 years of market experience.

  • Low-Cost

    As the unique portal where you can find all the services required for your business easily and online, we realize our costs at the lowest levels and provide you professional services at the most affordable prices.

  • No Paperwork

    You no longer need to hire staff and prepare lots of paperwork for most services. We do all of these for you and we only give you a service invoice for all the services you receive.

  • Fast

    InterKis respond to your requests as soon as possible with our 7/24 active international workforce and experienced staff, and do our best to respond to your urgent needs as soon as possible.

  • Safety

    Our top priority is the security of you and your information. We keep your information and requests securely in our databases and we never sell your data.

Keep It Simple

InterKis never uses confusing interfaces, we take care to keep our entire system in the easiest and most understandable way. In this way, we progress faster in all our services and provide you with more understandable services.

Be Satisfied

Your satisfaction is our most important success. We prioritize continuous cooperation, not one-time work. We know that your satisfaction and happiness will improve our trade and we solve your problems in
the fastest way.

Save Time & Money

 We have a business principle focused entirely on service quality, not targeting very high profit margins. InterKis exist to provide the best quality and fast services at the most affordable prices.

Global Trade

● Product-Based Research & Regulations

● Company Inspection & Researching

● Custom Brokerage & Consultancy



● International Trade & Custom Regulations

● E-Commerce Consultancy

● Law & Legal Consultancy

● Corporate & Accounting Consultancy



● Virtual Assistant

● Data & Product Entry

● Graphic Design

● Social Media Management

● Translation

● Website Design & Management

● Mobile App Development

● Company Registration

● Office Supplies and Products



● International Trade Solutions

● Human Resourses Solutions

● Office Supplies Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Interkis?

InterKis provide fast, reliable and affordable services for your business. We work with the most experienced staff and provide you the highest quality services

How can I trust you?

InterKis always with you with 65 years of international market experience and references. Your payments are protected by SSL infrastructure and your information never reaches us. If we cannot deliver your product to you within the time we offer you, we will refund your entire money without any conditions.

Is InterKis a legal company?

Interkis.com is a groupware of Kisbu LLC. Our company is 100% USA-based and incorparated in the state of Pennsylvania.

Do you have a long-term service contract?

InterKis offers the best solutions at affordable prices for your long-term and regular business partnership requests.

How do you provide more affordable and quality service than the market?

Thanks to our qualified and dynamic staff and our fast infrastructure, we minimize our costs and bring you quality service at the most affordable prices.

Will I receive an invoice for the service I buy?

All our activities are legal and official. We will be sending your invoices to your e-mail address within 2 hours of completing your payment process. If you have a problem, you can contact us and ask for your invoice.

I couldn't find the service I was looking for on your site. Can I contact you regarding this matter?

You can reach us on the contact us section for all your special requests and cooperation requests. We will be honored to meet you.

How can I keep in touch with you?

All InterKis contact information can be accessed from the contact us section. You can call or message us whenever you want.